Glasses Update

A year ago, Isaiah went to the eye doctor following an announcement that he was seeing double. At that point, he was given “reading” (anything up close, since he wasn’t reading yet) glasses.

It’s been a year now, so it was time for another eye exam. Isaiah was happy to go, as long as Darth Vadar Mouse and Zaboomafoo could also attend. He followed directions and answered questions. He was fascinated by the equipment.

At the #eyedoctor with some furry #friends

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Once his exam was finished, his eye doctor told him to start using his reading glasses full time. He says his prescription hasn’t changed enough to warrant new lenses, but he feels that it’s time to wear them all the time. Isaiah is pretty excited about that idea. As soon as we got home, he collected them and put them on. He says he can see a lot better now, too.


Silly pose


Happy boy


VBS Program Silliness

Isaiah had a program this morning as the conclusion to a week of VBS. All the kids sang some of the VBS songs and the workers told about the lessons and demonstrated some of the activities. While the leaders were talking, the kids sat on the stage, waiting as patiently as small children can. Since the program lasted over an hour, sitting quietly was becoming a bit of a challenge by the end. As we neared the end, I’d had to give Isaiah “the mom look” for poking his neighbor, so I wasn’t planning to take my eyes off him again any time soon.

The time came for a closing prayer and dismissal, much to the kids’ pleasure. While the rest of the church bowed their heads for the prayer, some of the kids had just had enough sitting. Isaiah and the little girl beside him started discussing his muscles (after a year of gymnastics, he’s suddenly discovered that he’s developed some pretty impressive muscles). According to him, she didn’t believe he had big muscles. Well, we can’t have that, so, in the middle of the prayer, Isaiah rolled up his sleeves and showed off his muscles for his friend to poke. Catching sight of what was happening, one of the other kids, also in his gymnastics class, joined in to show his equally impressive muscles. By the time the prayer ended, they’d lost interest in the topic. With the final “amen”, they quietly filed off stage with the rest of the group, with most of the people in the room oblivious to their little game.

A Trip to the Zoo and a Nature Center

There was no school today, so I had a day off work. Which meant it was the perfect time for an adventure. Isaiah, my mom, and I loaded up the car (we even remembered to pack a picnic!) and headed off.

First on the agenda was the zoo. We live within reach of a couple and Isaiah had asked to head to this one a few times recently, so it was definitely time for a visit. We saw lots of happy animals while we were there, much to Isaiah’s delight.


The red panda, enjoying the morning sun


Curious bushbaby

The zoo’s tree kangaroo has a new baby, but it’s still small enough that it stays hidden away in mom’s pouch. Mom wasn’t much in the mood for pictures, either. Bummer.

The naked mole rats were quite active, causing plenty of excitement. Isaiah loved watching them race between “rooms”, tripping over each other, doing flips, and generally causing complete chaos. They may be ugly little critters, but they’re certainly interesting to watch!


Observing the naked mole rats

Video of the naked mole rats

Isaiah was pretty interested in the snakes today. A friend recently got a pet snake, so he’s started seeing them in a different light. He’s still not sure he’d want a pet snake, but he likes watching them.


Checking out the rainbow python


You can't see it in the picture, but he's looking at a very large iguana

We managed to be in the right part of the zoo to catch a creature encounter show. It was about one of the zoo’s macaws, so the keeper had him out with her and let him show off some tricks. The macaw’s name is Elliot and he’s quite the little attention seeker. Any time his keeper put him down to talk, he’d start going through all his tricks, trying to keep the spotlight on him, instead of his keeper.


Elliot the macaw


Demonstrating how he can use his beak for climbing

Elliot showing off

We made sure to get some food so Isaiah could feed the zoo’s goats. The bigger ones are a bit pushy, but, in general, they’re pretty friendly. He had a lot of fun feeding them and trying to make sure everyone got a fair amount of the food.


Feeding the goat


Making sure the smaller goats get some, too

Silly goat

When we went into the reptile building, they had a number of animals out so that kids could touch them. Isaiah bounced from one critter to the next, petting them and asking their names. He would have happily stayed there all day, playing with the animals.


Petting a shy ball python


Skittles the black and white tegu


Petting an adorable leopard gecko named Casper


Twiggy the bearded dragon

Before leaving the zoo, we had to stop and play on their natural playground. Isaiah adores all the things they have to climb on and wanted to do it all before we could go anywhere else. He’s been getting braver and was able to jump from one tree stump to the next, as well as climbing to the highest point on various structures.






More jumping


Happy spider

After the zoo, we headed over to a nature center. It was getting late in the day, so we didn’t have time to explore all the buildings and trails, but we got to see the buffalo herd and some geese. We walked down one of the shorter trails, along a lake. We could hear frogs chirping all around us, but any time we came near any, they’d get quiet, so we couldn’t find them. After a while of searching, Isaiah finally spotted one and showed us where to look.


The buffalo were fairly close to the fence


Talking about pioneer children and collecting buffalo chips to build fires. He was surprisingly enthusiastic about the concept.


He really loved this feather


The frog Isaiah spotted

Isaiah was a little sad when it was finally time to go home, but it was a fun day. He can’t wait until we can go on another adventure.

Isaiah’s EEG

Isaiah had his EEG today. He was extremely nervous, after his not-so-pleasant experience with the MRI. We watched a video on YouTube of a girl his age getting an EEG, which helped calm some of his fears, but he was still pretty worried.

When we arrived, the tech, Emily, introduced herself and explained the process to Isaiah. She already had everything set up and ready, so there wasn’t really any waiting, once she’d made sure Isaiah understood. She let him examine the pen, cleaning gel, wax, and wires and got him settled on the bed.


Marking where each wire would go


Emily's pretty funny

Emily talked cheerfully with Isaiah while she got him ready for the test. She asked him questions about things he liked and joked with him, pausing occasionally to explain something she was doing. Isaiah answered her questions and laughed. He did his best to stay still for her, though he got a little wiggly when he started to giggle.


Look at all those wires!


Twenty-six wires!


There was even one on his face (to record eye movement

Once all the wires were in place, I climbed onto the bed with Isaiah so he could cuddle with me while he fell asleep. Emily turned off the lights and told him to keep his eyes closed until she told him to open them. He fell asleep pretty quickly and had a little trouble waking back up when it was time. He followed directions beautifully through the whole process. When she declared him done, Isaiah rolled onto his tummy to admire the wires that were attached to him. He loved all the different colors.


Look at all the pretty colors


Snuggling with Mama

When everything was finished, Isaiah announced that he liked this test, so it would be okay with him if he ever had to do it again.

Info about why he had an EEG can be found here.

Important Update

As Isaiah has gotten older, I’ve tried not to post every little thing online. However, it’s reached a point now where information needs to be shared. So, if you haven’t heard about this, don’t assume I’ve been keeping secrets. I just haven’t shared it.

In November, Isaiah had a seizure right after he fell asleep. I brought him to the doctor after that, to see what needed to be done. His recommendation was to see a neurologist. Unfortunately, pediatric neurologists aren’t exactly easy to come by, so we had a two month wait to get in.

Finally, we saw the neurologist this month. After an exam, he said that Isaiah’s neuro workup looked good, but any seizure needs to be taken seriously. Because Isaiah had never had a seizure before, there was some possibility that it would never happen again. More than half of the people who have a seizure only have one. The catch is that there’s really no way to predict who will have another seizure and who won’t, so it’s basically just a waiting game. The longer he goes seizure free, the greater the possibility it won’t happen again. To be on the safe side, the neurologist ordered an MRI and EEG. The goal with these is to look for markers that might suggest a predisposition toward seizures. Or, if we’re lucky, possibly catch a seizure during the EEG to get more information.


Isaiah at the neurologist's office

On Saturday (Isaiah’s birthday), he had another, smaller seizure, again, while he was asleep. Since he’s only had seizures in his sleep, it raises the question of whether or not there have been others that we just didn’t know were happening. He wakes up totally unaware that anything has happened and I’m a heavy enough sleeper that no one would ever know the difference.

Today, we got up bright and early and headed to the nearest children’s hospital for an MRI. Because Isaiah is so young, he wouldn’t be able to lie still for the hour required for the test, so he was given general anesthesia. In an effort not to totally freak him out, I didn’t give Isaiah many details about what was going to happen. I simply explained that we needed pictures of his brain and that it’s easier to do when he’s asleep, so the doctors would give him medicine to help him do so. He figured he could handle that, but, since he’d be sleeping, he needed a buddy to sleep with. He brought his stuffed lemur, Zaboo, (named after Zaboomafoo) to snuggle.

When we arrived, Isaiah met his nurses (who were amazing) and got settled on his child size bed. They explained to him what was going to happen and let him choose from different scented masks for his anesthesia. He chose bubblegum, which he later decided he hated and would not choose again. Then he got to choose from their toy stash so he’d have something to keep him busy until it was his turn. He choose a magna doodle and set to work creating art, with a little help from Zaboo and the grownups around him.


Hanging out with Zaboo before the MRI


Drawing a picture of Gram


Looks just like her, right?

When it was time to go back, he gave hugs and headed off. My mom and I went to the cafeteria to kill time and have some breakfast. When we returned, it was time to go get him. He was pretty groggy, but happy to see us. The anesthesia upset his tummy a bit, but he was soon declared free to go home, with the recommendation that we not give him any food or drink until we arrived at the house.


He needed his Mama


Gram cuddles


Snuggling his new teddy

By the time we got home, he was back to his happy, bouncy self. He’s pretty sure he never wants another MRI, if they’re going to make him sleep for it, but he survived it. And he knows the EEG will be much easier. And maybe a little cool, according to his buddy at church.

Update: The MRI came back normal. However, that doesn’t guarantee that he won’t have any more seizures. A post about his EEG can be found here.

Isaiah’s 6th Birthday


My six year old

Isaiah’s Birthday Interview

Name: Isaiah
Age: Six. I’m six!
What are you going to be when you grow up? I’m going to be working at the Bob the Builder and be a magic guy.
What is something that is hard for you? School. When we’re talking about letters.
What is something you’re good at? Legos and puzzles. Helping Gram.
What are you afraid of? The dark. You already knew I was ‘fraid of the dark!
What do you like to do with family? Everything. I like to play.
What do you like to learn? New songs.
Where would you go on vacation? To see Winter [the dolphin] and Big Cat Rescue.
Who is your hero? Everybody who lives in this house.
How old is Mama? Grown up.
How old is Gram? 18.
How old is Grandfather? 59. [He may have had a little help on this one…]
What makes you happy? Going to the park.
What makes you sad? Not getting to go to the park.
What’s the best thing about your birthday? Build this [marble] tower.
Favorite food: Donuts
Favorite subject at school: P.E.
Favorite thing to do: Puzzles
Favorite book: They’re all my favorites!
Favorite animal: Lemur, cheetah, lion, and dino
Favorite color: Yellow, green, red, and blue
Favorite teacher: All of them.
Favorite sport: The ball kind
Favorite birthday gift this year: Star Wars ships
Favorite show: HobbyKidsTV
Favorite movie: Toothless [How to Train Your Dragon]
Favorite holiday: Christmas
Favorite restaurant: Pizza Ranch


Happy boy

Gifts and Silliness

Isaiah was pretty excited about opening his gifts. He got a few shipped her by a friend and his gifts from family. He got some dinosaur toys, some awesome Star Wars ships, and a marble track.

Isaiah has been asking for a watch off and on for a while. Since all the grown ups in the house have one, he figures they must be super important. Much to his delight, the smallest package he opened today had an awesome Jurassic World watch in it.


His response to discovering his new watch

Then, for fun, he got an iTunes gift card that was creatively wrapped. He opened a box of spaghetti, that still had noodles in it. He was so excited about the noodles and trying to eat them all as fast as he can (raw noodles are a special treat, in his world) that he almost missed the actual gift. After he’d devoured a noodle and declared it the best gift ever, we managed to convince him to look inside the box to see what else was there. He’s almost as happy about the card as he was about the noodles.


Eating his noodle with great enthusiasm


There's more?? Not just yummy noodles?


In case you missed the post about a need for glasses, click here.

Isaiah’s glasses arrived today and he is very, very happy. When I told him that the glasses were ready to be picked up, he started bouncing and shrieking. We headed over to pick them up. He’s spent the rest of his day trying to come up with excuses to have them on.



Portraits of Isaiah

I got a new lens and absolutely couldn’t wait to try it out, so I set up a light in the living room and convinced Isaiah to let me take some pictures of him. He was surprisingly cooperative!


My cutie


Just being sweet

Happy boy

Big smile!



Finger Painting

Isaiah is never quite sure that finger painting is such a good idea. It takes a lot of coaxing to get him to touch the paint in the first place. Once he’s started, he gets pretty excited, though. Today, he decided to see what would happen if he smeared it on his face, too. He had tons of fun, then got a bath when he was done.

Finger paint

Not just for fingers?