Isaiah turns 8

Today is Isaiah’s 8th birthday. He’s so excited. I’m just amazed at how quickly the time has gone by. It’s hard to believe my baby is eight!

We did a quick survey of sorts, so we can look back and see how much he’s changed (or hasn’t) over the years.


My eight year old

Name: Isaiah
Age: 8
What are you going to be when you grow up? Vet and beatboxer
What is something that is hard for you? Getting a basketball hoop
What is something you’re good at? Gymnastics
What are you afraid of? The dark
What do you like to do with family?
What do you like to learn? How to read
Where would you go on vacation? Legoland
Who is your hero? Daddy
How old is Mama? 17
How old is Daddy? 20
What makes you happy? Toys
What makes you sad? No toys in the whole wide world
What’s the best thing about your birthday? My toys
Favorite food: Candy!!
Favorite subject at school: PE
Favorite thing to do: Play
Favorite book: Narnia
Favorite animal: Cheetah
Favorite color: Yellow
Favorite teacher: Mama
Favorite sport: Soccer
Favorite birthday gift this year: Superheroes and Jurassic World legos
Favorite show: Hogan’s Heroes
Favorite movie: Lilo and Stitch
Favorite holiday: Christmas
Favorite restaurant: Pizza Ranch


Silly face


My sweet boy


“Gingerbread” Houses

Isaiah wanted to build a gingerbread house, but the kit was an absolute disaster (pieces were warped and it had the wrong type of icing, so nothing would stick). Instead of giving up, we decided to improvise. So, we pulled out some graham crackers and made some buttercream icing. We spent the next while carefully decorating houses made of crackers with an assortment of candies. Isaiah thought it was a wonderful idea because he had permission to eat it when it was finished.


Ready to start!


Trying to taste it before it was even decorated


Carefully decorating


Isaiah's finished house, with him begging to eat it, in the background


Time to eat it!


My mom with her house


Everyone's finished houses: Mine on top, Isaiah's on the bottom left, my mom's on the bottom right

Frozen Bubbles

It’s officially COLD outside! We were able to go outside this morning and blow some bubbles that froze in the air for us. I managed to catch a couple on my wand, so Isaiah could examine them more closely. It was pretty cool to watch the ice crystals spread over the entire bubble.


Isaiah approves


A closer shot of the bubble

2017 in Review

It’s been a while since I had time to write, so I guess I’ll try to get back into this by starting with a review. 2017 has been crazy, so here goes.

In January, we had some nice weather, so we decided to take a trip to the zoo. We brought a homeschooled friend along with us and she and Isaiah had a blast.


Zoo selfie

Isaiah turned 7 this month, but we had to wait until February for a party, since he really wanted all his friends to be able to attend. He was so excited to be 7!


The birthday boy


Proud boy with his brand new Nerf guns

This month started with Isaiah’s birthday party. We opted to do a party at the zoo, instead of trying to do one at home this year. It was a huge hit with Isaiah and all his friends.


The kids had so much fun at the zoo! They loved running ahead of the adults and talking to the animals.

March brought Isaiah’s very first ever gymnastics meet. He was so excited to finally be old enough to participate. It was a fun meet where everyone got to participate and came home with an award of some sort, unlike most meets, which are highly competitive. It was a nice start to his gymnastics career.


He loves the rings

DJ and Shiloh had a baby shower this month. We were all so excited to be waiting for a new baby boy.


DJ and Shiloh with some of the gifts

I’d been counting down to March for almost a year because the live action Beauty and the Beast movie was going to be released. I couldn’t wait! Then, to add to the excitement, I met an awesome guy who offered to take me to see it.


The first photo of me and William

In April, Isaiah got to meet William for the first time. We opted to meet up at the zoo, so Isaiah would have something to keep him busy, in case he felt shy. Turned out he didn’t need something to entertain him. He fell in love with William immediately!


All of us at the zoo

Isaiah had never been to the Children’s museum nearest to us before, so we decided it was time to pay a visit. Isaiah loved every bit of it. He made new friends in each area and had a blast playing with all sorts of imaginative play centers. When he reached a point where he couldn’t function anymore, he insisted that William carry him to the car.


Children's museum fun

Isaiah participated in field day at school again this year. He’s getting better at the skills and had a blast participating with all his friends.


A couple of his events

June brought a great deal of excitement. DJ and Shiloh’s baby finally decided to make his appearance, adding one more family birthday to our busiest month. He’s a beautiful little boy, named Kendall.


Introducing Kendall

William proposed to me this month. He brought me and Isaiah to the zoo for a fun day, then stopped to propose up on the hill, near some of my favorite animals. Of course, as soon as he tried to get down on one knee, Isaiah took off. Once we’d caught Isaiah again, William was able to propose and, of course, I said yes.


My ring

The zoo in Sioux Falls had koala bears this summer. I adore koalas, so my mom, Isaiah, and I loaded up for a very long drive to go see them. We’d never been to that zoo before, so there was lots to see, besides the koalas. I will admit we spent the most time just sitting, watching the koalas, though. They were just so stinking cute!


Some of our many zoo pictures

Before I had to go back to work for the school year, my mom, Isaiah, and I decided to take a little vacation. We thought it would be fun to try to see Nebraska in a few days. It was a challenge, but we pulled it off. We got to see lots of important landmarks, as well as visit a zoo we’d never been to before.


Just a few shots from our adventures

Isaiah and I took William and his sister, Iris, to our favorite pumpkin patch. Isaiah had fun showing them all his favorite activities and playing with them.


We welcomed a new, sweet kitty to our home this month. A family friend was being forced to rehome her babies, due to a severe allergy in her family. I was happy to offer T.J. a new home with us. He’s settled in and loves his new home.


T.J.'s first portraits

Since Isaiah got to show off his favorite pumpkin patch, William’s family invited us to come and see theirs. Isaiah, of course, loved every second. I hardly saw him the whole day because he took off with Grace, William’s youngest sister.


So much to do!

We all adore the zoo, so we decided to take Iris there for some adventures, too. She hadn’t been there since they’d done some major construction and added new exhibits, so it was fun to show her the new stuff.


Zoo selfies

Isaiah always helps my dad with his magic shows at the local pumpkin patch. This year, the owners of the pumpkin patch gave them each a small gift for helping out. Isaiah was absolutely giddy at receiving his very first paycheck.


Posing with his paycheck

Isaiah had two Christmas programs this month, one at school and one at church. Before the school program, my dad took some family pictures for us. Isaiah loved participating in his programs and having his family in the audience for them. He’s so proud of himself.


The family pictures and some shots of his programs

Independence Day 2016

Just wanted to share some fun fireworks pictures from this evening. We had lots of fun hanging out with some friends at the park waiting for the fireworks. Isaiah got to sit by one of his buddies and talk to a few others, so life was pretty good in his world.


Red, white, and blue


A single burst




The little one kind of looks like a butterfly!


This is my favorite

Glasses Update

A year ago, Isaiah went to the eye doctor following an announcement that he was seeing double. At that point, he was given “reading” (anything up close, since he wasn’t reading yet) glasses.

It’s been a year now, so it was time for another eye exam. Isaiah was happy to go, as long as Darth Vadar Mouse and Zaboomafoo could also attend. He followed directions and answered questions. He was fascinated by the equipment.

At the #eyedoctor with some furry #friends

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Once his exam was finished, his eye doctor told him to start using his reading glasses full time. He says his prescription hasn’t changed enough to warrant new lenses, but he feels that it’s time to wear them all the time. Isaiah is pretty excited about that idea. As soon as we got home, he collected them and put them on. He says he can see a lot better now, too.


Silly pose


Happy boy

Conversations with Isaiah: Problem Solving

Isaiah, trying to access a balloon taped over the doorway.
Isaiah, standing on the step ladder: I can’t reach it.
Me: So, now what? Did you pull the string?
Isaiah: Yeah. And it broke!
Me: Then you need a different approach.
Isaiah: I could put something on top of this (step ladder). Then I could reach.
Me: Probably not a smart idea.
Isaiah: Yeah. Not smart. It might slip. And then I’d slip off this thing with it!
Me: Probably. And I’d really like to avoid visiting the ER tonight.
Isaiah: *sigh* Yeah. I’ll get it later.