About Me

Hi! My name is Elisabeth. I’m a single mama to Isaiah, born in January of 2010. My days are full of adventures as Isaiah learns more and more new skills. There is never a dull moment in my house!

Isaiah and I live at home with my parents. We have three cats (Thomas, Jack, and Wally), two dogs (Max and Dusty) and several fish (un-named). I graduated in 2014 with a degree in early childhood education. I have a brother, DJ, who is engaged to Sadie (planning to get married this summer, though the date is not yet set).

Isaiah has sensory processing disorder and hypotonia. This brings some added challenges to our lives, but we push through and he continues to succeed. It may take him a little (or a lot) longer to learn something, but we don’t let it slow us down. He seems to have some other learning difficulties that have not yet been diagnosed. It is possible, especially considering family history, that he is on the autism spectrum.

I am homeschooling Isaiah and working to tailor his lessons to both teach basic preschool material and feed his love of science. I love to take pictures and have an ongoing 365 project that can be viewed here. I also enjoy reading, learning and writing. I can’t wait to share my experiences with you!


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