VBS Program Silliness

Isaiah had a program this morning as the conclusion to a week of VBS. All the kids sang some of the VBS songs and the workers told about the lessons and demonstrated some of the activities. While the leaders were talking, the kids sat on the stage, waiting as patiently as small children can. Since the program lasted over an hour, sitting quietly was becoming a bit of a challenge by the end. As we neared the end, I’d had to give Isaiah “the mom look” for poking his neighbor, so I wasn’t planning to take my eyes off him again any time soon.

The time came for a closing prayer and dismissal, much to the kids’ pleasure. While the rest of the church bowed their heads for the prayer, some of the kids had just had enough sitting. Isaiah and the little girl beside him started discussing his muscles (after a year of gymnastics, he’s suddenly discovered that he’s developed some pretty impressive muscles). According to him, she didn’t believe he had big muscles. Well, we can’t have that, so, in the middle of the prayer, Isaiah rolled up his sleeves and showed off his muscles for his friend to poke. Catching sight of what was happening, one of the other kids, also in his gymnastics class, joined in to show his equally impressive muscles. By the time the prayer ended, they’d lost interest in the topic. With the final “amen”, they quietly filed off stage with the rest of the group, with most of the people in the room oblivious to their little game.


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