Play Track Meet

Isaiah really wanted to go to a track meet today, but it wasn’t really possible to make it work. He was heartbroken, so we decided to have our own track meet. Isaiah trotted over to the neighbors’ house to see if the kids wanted to join in. They thought it sounded fun, so the adventure began.


Annie and Wyatt warming up


Isaiah showing off his muscles

I grabbed some sidewalk chalk and drew a line on the sidewalk, then told the kids to run to the line and jump. When they landed, I marked it with their initial. In the end, Annie had jumped the farthest (it probably helped that she’s the tallest kid).



Next up was a sprint. I sent the kids to the end of the sidewalk and marked a finish line. Annie decided to hang back a little to give the little ones a shot at an event, so the boys shot ahead of her and managed a perfect tie. We couldn’t accept a tie as the final score, so the boys ran again. For this race, I held out my hands at the finish line for high-fives, to make it easier to tell who got there first. In the second race, Will just managed to take the lead at the very end.


Race number 1, with Annie being such a nice big kid


Race number 2

Next up was a game planned by Isaiah, who’s been battling a nasty cough (allergies?). He wanted a coughing contest. He happily coughed and made noise, with Annie laughing and joining in. Will had a little trouble at first, but even he joined in by the end. Thanks to Isaiah’s real cough, he managed a clear win on that one.

So, the score was tied at one win per kid. It was time for another event. I pulled out Isaiah’s foam balls from his t-ball set. They had a pitching contest, which even the grownups joined in for. Annie won that one, hands down, even against Michelle and me, much to her great pleasure.


Throwing their balls

Since the balls were out, Isaiah really wanted to play t-ball. We pulled out the t-ball stand and the boys used it to see who could hit the ball the farthest. Since Annie is so much taller, we opted to pitch the ball for her. This gave us all a great laugh, since I had to throw it and, let’s just say there’s a reason I don’t play sports. It took several pitches before the ball came close enough for her to even attempt to hit it. Oops.


Annie showing off her bridge while I set up t-ball


Will hitting a ball as hard as he could


Laughing at me...

Then it was time for the final event: mini golf. We put out the two “holes” that came with Isaiah’s golf set. For the first hole, all they needed to do was hit the ball across fairly flat ground. For the second, they had to keep it inside lines drawn on the sidewalk on a hill (not enough flat sidewalk by our house). The first hole was easy, but the second proved quite difficult for everyone. Again, grownups had to participate, this time to help the boys to finish the game.




Being goofy


My turn!


Michelle giving it a try

In the end, everyone had won something and they were all quite happy. Annie and Isaiah drew some pictures on the sidewalk while they waited for me to make some awards to hand out. We ended the fun with a simple award ceremony, in which each competitor was given a badge before posing for a group picture.


Award ceremony


The happy competitors

Thankfully, we ended our fun just before it started to rain. Our friends headed for the shelter of their homes and Isaiah and I came in for some supper and cuddles.

**A huge thank you to Michelle, who saw my abandoned camera (couldn’t take pictures and run events at the same time) and took the majority of these pictures. Without her help, there wouldn’t be any.


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