Isaiah’s EEG

Isaiah had his EEG today. He was extremely nervous, after his not-so-pleasant experience with the MRI. We watched a video on YouTube of a girl his age getting an EEG, which helped calm some of his fears, but he was still pretty worried.

When we arrived, the tech, Emily, introduced herself and explained the process to Isaiah. She already had everything set up and ready, so there wasn’t really any waiting, once she’d made sure Isaiah understood. She let him examine the pen, cleaning gel, wax, and wires and got him settled on the bed.


Marking where each wire would go


Emily's pretty funny

Emily talked cheerfully with Isaiah while she got him ready for the test. She asked him questions about things he liked and joked with him, pausing occasionally to explain something she was doing. Isaiah answered her questions and laughed. He did his best to stay still for her, though he got a little wiggly when he started to giggle.


Look at all those wires!


Twenty-six wires!


There was even one on his face (to record eye movement

Once all the wires were in place, I climbed onto the bed with Isaiah so he could cuddle with me while he fell asleep. Emily turned off the lights and told him to keep his eyes closed until she told him to open them. He fell asleep pretty quickly and had a little trouble waking back up when it was time. He followed directions beautifully through the whole process. When she declared him done, Isaiah rolled onto his tummy to admire the wires that were attached to him. He loved all the different colors.


Look at all the pretty colors


Snuggling with Mama

When everything was finished, Isaiah announced that he liked this test, so it would be okay with him if he ever had to do it again.

Info about why he had an EEG can be found here.


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