Conversations with Isaiah

The pumpkin patch near us has pedal-powered go carts. They’re intended for teens and adults, so Isaiah’s feet don’t reach the pedals. Our solution has always been for him to ride in an adult’s lap. This year, being a “big boy” now, he wanted to steer. Umm, okay…?

Isaiah: Let me drive, Mama!

Me: Okay. But drive carefully. 

*Approaching a corner*

Me: Isaiah, we need to turn. 

Me: Isaiah! Turn!!!

Isaiah: Oh. 

*Turns the wrong direction*

Me: Toward the path, not away from it!!!

*Changes direction*

Isaiah: I am!!!

Me: Yeah, sure. 

Me: Hey! I said to stay on the path!

*Isaiah starts driving into the corn field by the path*

Isaiah: Not in the corn! We s’posed to stay on the path!!!!

Me: I’m not the one driving!!

*I get us back on track*

This conversation continued for the rest of the ride. When we reached the end, he wanted to go again. Of course. Because once wasn’t terrifying enough. 

What will I do when he’s ready to start driving a car?! Help!!

Please note: This was a funny situation. No one was angry. As far as driving goes, thankfully, we have a whole decade before I have to figure that one out. Thank goodness!


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