Conversations with Isaiah: Patterns

We use Apple devices at our house and all the cords have started falling apart, as is apparently not uncommon. There are a million tutorials to supposedly prevent damage or fix them. Since we use our devices until they cannot go any longer, every cord is frayed to some degree. Tape wasn’t working anymore for my computer cord, so I wrapped thread around it. Since it worked, I did it for my phone cord and Isaiah’s iPad cord, too. Isaiah’s favorite colors are yellow, green, and orange, so I wrapped his cord with them. When it was finished, I handed it to him to charge his iPad.

Me: Do you like it?
Isaiah: Yes! It’s my favorite! Yellow, orange, green! Hey! It a pattern!!
Me: Yes, it is.
Isaiah: Look! Yellow, orange, green, yellow, orange, green. You see that? It a pattern! Look! When something repeats it a pattern. I learn that. This a pattern!


The cords, each sporting their own pattern


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