Conversations with Isaiah: Spiders

The first half of this is borrowed from my mom’s Facebook post. Just FYI.

Yesterday Isaiah was using his iPad in the nearly dark living room and suddenly said, “Gram, there’s something walking on my iPad!” I turned on the light and, sure enough, a spider was on his screen. We caught it in a jar so it can be released into the wild…
However, this morning the spider (still in his jar) has watched Isaiah eat breakfast and helped with a couple of chores. My grandson is trying to choose a name but can’t decide because, “Gram, I don’t know if it’s a girl spider or a boy spider.”
It may be traumatic when it’s time to release his new pet…

Conversation on my mom’s Facebook wall included discussion about how to keep spiders as pets and potential names for the spider. One friend suggested, “Call it Elsa and teach him to sing Born Free as you set the thing loose FAR from your home!” Another suggested Charlotte (from Charlotte’s Web, but he still didn’t know if it was a boy or girl. When my dad arrived home from work, he examined the spider and declared it most definitely female (and spent the next 20 minutes looking for photos on Google to show the rest of us how he reached his conclusion). The spider was then named “Charlotte” and carefully released into the wild (well, as wild as a backyard can be…) where she can build beautiful webs.

Hours later…

Isaiah: It a SPIDER!
Me: Leave it alone.
Isaiah: But I never leave alone a BUG!!!!
Me: Well, you’re fine then because it’s not a bug.
Isaiah: *confused* Oh? But we don’t know if it’s a female or not!!!!


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