Art Works

We’re within a reasonable drive of a couple of art museums. Today, we decided to check out the Joslyn because we haven’t been there in Isaiah’s life time. I’d been there a few times as a teen, but didn’t have much reason to bring a little kid because it’s a pretty serious art gallery. They recently added a special kids’ section, though, so that it’s more inviting to the younger crowd.

Isaiah started with a tower in the middle of the room that has pieces that can be hooked together to create a giant piece of art. He carefully attached brightly colored shapes, stopping to bounce and wave his hands with joy after each piece was placed. When he was done, he stepped back to admire his work, looking quite proud of himself.




So proud

Next up was a window with dry erase markers. There were chairs on each side, so that kids could draw “on” someone else’s face. Isaiah started by just drawing a fun picture, then allowed me to draw funny things on his face. He was delighted by the silly mustache and hat I gave him.


Carefully starting to draw


A finished drawing


My drawings on Isaiah

In one corner, there’s a big touch screen built into the floor for painting. There are brushes, scrapers, and a bucket that interact with the screen, allowing children to “paint” all sorts of designs. Before starting to paint, we got to choose the type of canvas and thickness of the “paint” we wanted to use. We ended up experimenting with different options, to see what we liked best. Isaiah liked the really wet paint because it was easy to splash around. I preferred the thicker paint that could actually be controlled to create an image.




The cool touch screen ''canvas''

Joslyn Art

This is what the canvas looked like with wet paint

Joslyn Art 2

And again, with thicker paint

One wall has a bin full of rings and metal posts lined up that the rings fit over. Isaiah, my mom and I really enjoyed creating different patterns with it. Some got pretty complicated, while others were very simple.


Isaiah's pattern

Isaiah really enjoyed drawing on the Greek vases that have been finished with a coating that allows kids to draw on them with dry erase markers. There are pictures of real vases on the table, so kids can try to imitate the real pieces or make up their own designs. Isaiah drew a raptor on his.


Drawing happily

By the time we left, Isaiah had played with just about everything in the room and was determined to go back as often as possible. It’s a good thing it’s not too far away and entry to the museum is free!


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