4th of July, 2015

Our 4th of July this year was pretty laid back. We didn’t go anywhere or do anything fancy. My dad and Isaiah had fun setting off some fireworks in the backyard, catching butterflies, and playing.

Isaiah was excited because he got to help set off some of the fireworks. My dad stayed close to help him and taught him to run away from the firework as soon as it was lit. Isaiah caught onto the running part before he got the “wait until it’s lit” part, so he’d jump up and start to run away before the fireworks were actually lit. He finally got the hang of it and had tons of fun.


Setting off fireworks with my dad


Stopping to observe and show off his parachutes


Oops... Guess we won't be collecting that parachute.

After the fireworks were done, we headed inside, to the air conditioning, for some food. Isaiah stripped down to his underwear and settled in with a movie and a sandwich. He seemed pretty content with just chilling out and having a fun time at home.




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