Conversations with Isaiah: Cooking

Isaiah and I decided to make a cookie in a mug tonight for a snack. We gathered the ingredients and set to work.

I broke an egg and put it into the bowl we were using to “bake” our cookie.

Isaiah: Now, don’t eat the shell!
Me: Ok. Do you want it, then?
Isaiah: *shrieking and blocking his face with his hands* No!!!!!! Eew!!!!!

Next, I asked him to put away the stick of butter that we’d used part of. He happily agreed to do so.

Isaiah: Gram put hers in the door thing.
Me: So do I. [He doesn’t usually clean up after our cooking projects, so I guess he either never realized or forgot].
Isaiah: Oh! Like Gram??
Me: Yes. Do you know where I learned it?
Isaiah: From me?
Me: No, from Gram. Gram is my mama, so she taught me lots of stuff.
Isaiah: Ooooooh………

The rest of our cooking was fairly uneventful and the cookie was delicious.


My cutie


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