Wild Kratts

Isaiah wants to be Chris Kratt when he grows up. He has a green power suit, just like Chris and spends many hours happily playing, using various power discs to act like all sorts of animals.


My little creature adventurer

A little over a month ago, thanks to Facebook, I found out that Chris and Martin Kratt would be a couple hours away for a live event today. The tickets were free, so I signed up for some and tucked them away until a couple of weeks ago, when I told Isaiah about it. He was so excited! It’s all he’s talked about for days. Last night, he couldn’t even settle to sleep because he was talking about how much fun he was going to have.

After a drive, we arrived at the event center and found some seats. We had some time to kill (we got there early because seats weren’t assigned), so Isaiah and I checked out the vender tables, where there were lots of kid friendly activities like blocks and coloring. Isaiah used some of his unspent Christmas money to buy an awesome talking Chris (and it’s soft, so it’ll be great to sleep with).


Helping Zaboo get high enough to see the stage


Showing off his brand new Chris doll, alongside Zaboo, who, of course, had to attend the show

Isaiah made a few new friends waiting for the show to start. Everywhere he turned, kids wanted to talk to him about his cool Chris outfit and how amazing the Kratt Bros are. He happily chatted with other kids, asking them which of the brothers they liked best and telling them how excited he was.


The IPTV guy (almost as exciting as the Kratt brothers, apparently), Dan Wardell

Finally, Chris and Martin arrived. They taught the audience some animal sounds to make during different parts of the show, then told (and acted out) a fun story about one of their adventures. Isaiah loved every minute of the show and didn’t want it to end. The announced at the end that they have plans to be back in a year. Isaiah is already counting down until they do.


Teaching the kids in the audience some animal sounds so they could be the sound effects during the show


Making animal sounds


Giant otters! Over there!!


Chris, diving into the raft with the missing video tape tied to his head (so it wouldn't get wet swimming to the raft)


Ok, problem solved, now to decide whose fault it was. It was totally Chris. No, definitely Martin........


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