“Mama, I See Two of You!”

Isaiah informed me this morning that he could see two of me. When I asked if he’d ever seen two of things before, he said “lots of times”. Of course. So, why didn’t you tell me sooner? Apparently, it’s really cool and not the least bit disturbing when you’re five and start seeing double.

With this new announcement, it seemed it was time to get him to the eye doctor. He was due to have his eyes checked, anyway, but life is busy and it hadn’t been a top priority, since he sees fine, in general. When I called to make an appointment, they’d just gotten a cancellation, so we got in immediately. Isaiah was excited and couldn’t wait to get there because he adores anyone with “doctor” in their name.

Isaiah was great at his appointment, answering questions to the best of his ability. By the time he’d answered some questions and the eye doctor had looked at his eyes, it was determined that the muscles in his eyes fatigue easily when he’s looking at something close to him, causing double vision when he tries to look at something farther away.


Hanging out in the exam room

Isaiah is getting reading glasses that he’ll wear any time he’s doing something close to him and take off for other things. Chances are, he’ll outgrow this, but the glasses will help until then. He’s pretty excited about the glasses because he found some frames with yellow and Lightning McQueen on them. Plus, everyone in our family wears glasses, so he gets to be like the rest of us, which is totally awesome.


Loving his choice in frames


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