An Old Church

Dear 4-H photography judge,
About fifteen years ago, I entered a photo of a church at the fair. It was my second year in the photography project and buildings were not my area. You said the photo had potential, that it was a beautiful church, but the sun was too harsh and the cloudless sky was pretty boring. You suggested that I go back on a day with clouds in the sky, at a different time, so the sun would be in a different place, and take the photo again. I haven’t forgotten that advice. It took me a while, but I finally got back out there and took the photo again. And, you were right. This one is so much better!
A former 4-Her

Being a 4-H judge can be a tough job. It feels like no one is listening to what you say, besides, “you earned a __ ribbon”. But some of those kids are listening. Some are inspired to keep learning and try new things. It took me way too long to get back to this church (just busy, only driving passed when I didn’t have time to stop), but I’ve certainly put plenty of advice to use already. I loved entering my photography projects and getting critique from the judges because it helped me to improve. Those judges pushed me from being a kid with a camera and no direction to becoming a true photographer.


A church


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