Lesson Plan: C is for Castle

This week got cut a little short because Thursday was my mom’s birthday. Isaiah was excited about throwing a “surprise” party, but then was so wound when it was over that we had to take a day to rest on Friday. So here is a shortened lesson plan.

The lesson plan is available here.

C is for Castle

Writing his name

For music, Isaiah wanted to sing “Old King Cole” because he’d learned it on Barney. Of course, he was happy to sing other songs, too, and made time to dance.

For science, we built a catapult. It was pretty easy to do and I found the instructions in an old science book. All you need is a pencil, ruler, and some small toys to launch. Set the pencil on a table or the floor (we mostly have carpet, so we opted for a table) and lay the ruler across it. Choose a few small items that can be launched and put them, one at a time, on the end of the ruler. (We used a quarter, some army men, wooden ABC blocks and a small rubber ducky.) Once it’s set, hit the other end of the ruler and watch how high the item goes. Isaiah had fun experimenting to see what would go highest (quarters) and whether or not he could launch more than one thing at once (yes). I left the ruler and pencil out for him all week and he returned to it regularly. We also did a color mixing activity. I saved some colored ice cubes to mix. I gave him a few glasses with warm water and told him to put different colors of ice into each one. He had lots of fun mixing the colors and waiting to see what would happen as the ice melted.

C is for Castle

Adding ice to the water

C is for Castle

Observing color changes

C is for Castle

Catapult fun

For math, he sorted castles and dragons according to their size. I printed the pictures at different sizes and asked him to organize them in different ways. He had some trouble with it, so this is an activity we’ll be returning to soon.

C is for Castle

Castles and dragons!

C is for Castle


Sensory play this week was ice cube castle building and shaving cream C’s. To make the castles, I froze water with food coloring in a couple of ice cube trays the night before, then took Isaiah outside to build a castle with them. My ice trays make the ice somewhat rounded, so it didn’t work as well as I’d hoped (so if you try this, make sure the trays are nice and square).

Craft time was simple this week. He colored a picture for the library’s coloring contest and a couple of pictures of castles that he requested. Then, of course, crafting was required to prepare for the birthday party.

Isaiah had tons of fun going for a walk and learning to do jumping jacks for his P.E. time.

C is for Castle

Enjoying his walk

C is for Castle

Reading at the library


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