Lambie at the Harvest Moon

The Harvest Moon is a local pumpkin patch that Isaiah loves. I took him last year at the end of the season. This year, we went as soon as they opened and got a season pass, so that he can play there every weekend. He’s absolutely loving every minute and counts down the days until the weekend, so that he can go back.

Today, Isaiah announced that he couldn’t go, unless Lambie could go with him. He couldn’t be swayed and melted into a puddle of tears, hugging his toy, when I suggested he didn’t have to bring it. He found a backpack that he could wear, so he could bring Lambie along and we headed out.

When we arrived at the Harvest Moon, Isaiah excitedly showed Lambie all his favorite places. He started by trying on costumes and showing them off for the camera, as Lambie lay nearby. When he was done trying on costumes, he took her out to the play kitchen to bake cookies.

Harvest Moon

Trying on costumes with my mom

Harvest Moon

Baking with Lambie

Of course, Lambie needed to take a ride in the cars, so Isaiah trotted off toward them. First, he stuffed her into a little pickup truck with him, then he gave her a ride on a tricycle.

Harvest Moon

Riding a tricycle (notice Lambie's bow peeking out from his lap)

Harvest Moon

Found a more comfortable way to ride with Lambie

After that, we went over to talk with a man who was showing off an old corn mill. He showed us how his mill worked and told us that it was built in 1914, so it’s 100 years old this year. Then, he brought us to another set of mills to allow Isaiah to try them. Isaiah was fascinated and would have happily played with them all afternoon.

Harvest Moon

Removing the corn from the cob

Harvest Moon

Putting the corn into the mill

Harvest Moon

Grinding corn to the perfect consistency for chicken feed

Harvest Moon

My mom wanted Isaiah to pose with the man who taught us about the mills, but he was too shy, so she posed instead.

Isaiah, hard at work

Next up was the kiddie roller coasters. This is one of Isaiah’s favorite places at the Harvest Moon, second only to the corn pit. He loves the roller coasters, but is always just a little bit nervous. This time, with Lambie’s help, he was brave enough to release his grip on the sides of the car, hold his hands in the air and shriek with joy.

Harvest Moon

Riding the roller coaster

Isaiah shrieking as he rolls down the hill

Lambie had to just observe at the corn pit. Corn is really dusty, so we agreed that she’d be better off not getting covered in it. Isaiah had tons of fun showing off all that he can do in the corn, though. The corn is a perfect sensory experience for him. He can be wild and jump in it or he can dig down into it and let it sift through his fingers. He generally starts out wild and gradually relaxes, as he spends more time in the corn.

Harvest Moon

Happily playing in the giant corn pit

Harvest Moon

Totally relaxed in the corn

''Corn water''

Quiet conversation in the corn pit

We headed toward the zipline, but, as we passed the other part of the barn, the donkey, Eyore, brayed at us. We decided to go see what he wanted. When Isaiah walked into the barn, Eyore lit up, perking his ears forward and reaching toward him. Isaiah petted him and showed him Lambie, then went over to see the other animals. The goats were pretty disinterested, so he mostly ignored them, too. He felt it was very important for Lambie to meet the sheep, though. He was thrilled that one of the sheep reached out to sniff Lambie.

Harvest Moon

''Hi, Eyore!''

Harvest Moon

Lambie, meet Sheep. Sheep, meet Lambie.

We continued on our way to the zipline. Isaiah discovered it the first time we went to the Harvest Moon this year. At first, he was frightened, but quickly decided it was tons of fun. As long as there’s not a line that he has to wait for, he’ll happily ride the zipline over and over again. This time, of course, Lambie needed to experience it, too.

Harvest Moon

He couldn't wait to get to the zipline

Harvest Moon

Lambie riding along on the zipline, while Isaiah practices some twists

Lambie had to pose in the tree cutout, but Isaiah wasn’t too sure he wanted to join her. With a little coaxing, he joined the fun and posed for a picture with his friend.

Harvest Moon

Lambie striking a pose

Harvest Moon

Isaiah and Lambie

Next up was the “crow’s nest”. To get up on the platform, Isaiah had to climb a little rock wall, which he loved. Once he was up there, he walked around to check out the view and headed down the slide. He met another little boy who wasn’t quite sure about the rock wall and spent a while encouraging him to try it, then cheered when he made it.

Harvest Moon

Taking Lambie down the slide

Last, but not least, we headed to some swings. First, a horse swing. Isaiah tried to ride it with Lambie in his backpack, only to find that it didn’t work too well. After a minute, he pulled her out and set her across his lap. When he was done with that swing, he wanted to ride the tire swing that he’d seen other kids playing on. He loved spinning on it with Lambie and was sad to leave.

Harvest Moon

Horse swing

Harvest Moon

And the tire swing

Spinning and shrieking

It was time to go, but there’s always the promise that we can return. He selected a couple gourds to buy and we headed out. He can’t wait to go back!

Harvest Moon

We had to grab a quick family selfie before heading for home


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