A Surprise Party… Sort Of

When I mentioned early in the week that it was almost my mom’s birthday, Isaiah wanted to know exactly when and if he could throw a party. I showed him on the calendar which day it would be and told him that he was welcome to do whatever he wanted for her birthday. Of course, this ended up being a big project. Oops. He wanted to bake a cake, of course, and buy a present (and make one, but homemade was not enough on its own), and decorate. Oh, and it all had to be a surprise.

So, my mom’s birthday arrived. She had places to go, so we had the entire house to ourselves, making the secret easier to keep. We started by baking the cake. Isaiah found my apron and decided he needed it to be able to bake a cake. I managed to tie it so that it sort of fit him and set him to work.

Birthday Party

Painting a bookmark

Once the cake came out of the oven, we left it to cool and headed to the store to buy some decorations. We bought streamers, a birthday balloon and cute napkins. On our way home, Isaiah asked to call my mom on my phone. I let him do so and he proceeded to tell her that he was getting ready for her party and that it was going to be a big surprise. Oops.

Birthday Party

Dancing his way to the store

When we got home, Isaiah set to work making a birthday banner. While he colored on the banner, I hung the streamers from the ceiling and windows.

Birthday Party

Working on the banner

We got the cake iced and poured melted chocolate over the top, then brought it to the living room to wait for my mom to get home. Isaiah brought out gifts that he’d wrapped in white paper and colored on and put them on the coffee table with the cake. We had just enough time to take a few pictures of the room and decorations before my mom came in the door.

Birthday Party


DJ called to say “happy birthday”, since he couldn’t actually attend the party. Then we sang, gave my mom her gifts and cut the cake. Everyone enjoyed the very simple party and cake. Isaiah can’t wait to do it again.

Birthday Party

Party time


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