Lesson Plan: B is for Bug

B is for Bug
Click here for the full lesson plan. Feel free to use all or part of it.

Most of his name writing practice was just writing with different mediums, but one day I assembled a caterpillar out of circles, with a circle for each letter of his name. I lightly wrote his name in pencil and gave him a marker to trace with. Once it was done, the caterpillar participated in all the school activities.

Name Caterpillar

Writing his name

This week, we did a little poem called “What Do You Suppose” as a part of our music and rhyme time. Isaiah loved it and learned the words pretty quickly. Of course, he loved singing, too, and learned some new songs, along with enjoying some old favorites.

We read some of Eric Carle’s bug themed books. I’ve always been a fan of his books, so it was fun to be able to spend a week reading them. Isaiah really enjoyed them, too, especially The Very Hungry Caterpillar.

Science consisted of a video about bugs, playing with some cicada skins that we found outside and attempting to feed ants and watch their bellies turn colors. That was a bit of a bust because there aren’t many ants out anymore. We only got a couple of ants even showing interest in our food. (Information about the ant experiment can be found here.)

Bug Hunt

Bug hunting

For geography, we watched a video about monarch migration (so he could see the massive groups of butterflies), looked at the paths they follow on a map and talked about what migration means. Isaiah found this to be fascinating and talked about it for the rest of the day.

Crafts were centered around bugs. First, we made a ladybug from construction paper. I drew the outline for the wings and cut out a body (a more complex shape), then turned him loose. He cut out the wings, trying to stay on the lines, then cut up some black paper to add spots. Once everything was cut, he glued his bug together. He’s been playing with it ever since. The other craft was making butterflies with paint. I folded a piece of paper in half and let him dump paint straight from the bottles onto one side. Once he’d spread lots of paint over the paper, I helped him fold it over and press the two halves together. When he unfolded it and saw what he’d created, he was amazed. He actually ended up making three butterflies because the project was so much fun.

Play Dough Caterpillar

Making caterpillars

The sensory activities were pretty simple. He made caterpillars out of play dough, built anthills out of cloud dough, and played in water. He made some pretty awesome bugs and anthills and had tons of fun.


Painted butterflies

Isaiah’s favorite P.E. activity this week was going on a bug hunt. He actually begged to do it several days and I happily obliged. We walked to the library to return last week’s books and stopped several times along the way to look for and identify bugs. He quite enjoyed playing soccer, too, and will likely be doing a lot more of that, as long as the weather allows.



Playing soccer with his Grandfather

Sorry there are so few pictures. It was kind of a rough week for Isaiah, so I didn’t get to have my camera out very much.


A smiley moment with his kitty


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