Conversations with Isaiah: Fun Stuff

Isaiah has been talking a lot lately. Here are a few conversations from this week.

After a visit with friends:

Isaiah: I lite my new friends. Edison and Jacob. They nice. Oh!!! I remember their names! Edison and Jacob! And their mama is Jessica. Yay!


Stopping to chat

While watching a video about gila monsters:

Isaiah: Did you know gila monsters bite? But if you really, really still, they let go. So if one bite you on your mouth or your butt or your leg, just be really still until they let go and you can get a bandaid and a shot.



And while playing superheroes:

Isaiah: Mama! Guess which Avenger guy I am! Watch me!
*He slowly pulls something from behind his back and acts out shooting an arrow.*
Me: You’re Hawkeye!
Isaiah: Yes!!! How did you know that, Mama????


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