Cars, Roads, and Heros

We’re starting to really get settled in our new house, which means Isaiah is doing a lot of playing. He spent a solid two hours entertaining himself this evening. I grabbed his wooden blocks and put them in the living room. Soon, he’d dragged out tubs with cars, Rescue Bots and dinosaurs, too.

Cars, Roads, and Heros

So many toys!

I sat down on the floor, against the wall, to watch Isaiah play. At first, he was completely oblivious to my presence. He set up roads, lined up his Rescue Bots and came up with a story to act out. When he finally noticed me, he stopped to explain what was happening, then returned to his world of imagination.

Cars, Roads, and Heros

Quietly building his city

First, the Rescue Bots had to rescue a hiker who was being held hostage on a “mountain” (chair) by a T-Rex. Once the hostage was safe, they befriended the T-Rex. Next, he built a cage for some of his cars. I’m unclear on some of the details for that one because he didn’t feel the need to explain it to me and wasn’t narrating like he did for the first story. After that, he started throwing toys around the room. When I asked what he was doing, he told me, “It ok, Mama. It just a ‘tend tornado”. He proceeded to tell me that it was going to take a long time to rebuild his city after the bad storm. At this point, the cat had gotten curious and joined in. He knocked a few things over, then watched, apparently fascinated and puzzled by Isaiah’s play.

Cars, Roads, and Heros

Building, driving, doing hero stuff. You know, the usual.

Cars, Roads, and Heros

The human tornado and rebuilding a city

Somewhere in the middle of all these adventures, Isaiah took a short break to play “tackle Mama”. He’d suddenly noticed me, lying on the floor, taking pictures and decided it was the perfect opportunity to climb on me. After climbing, bouncing and attempting to roll me across the floor, he went back to his toys to play a bit more. He would have played all night, if I’d allowed it. He cleaned up quickly, without complaint, though, because I’d promised he could play again tomorrow.

Cars, Roads, and Heros

Some furry help and lots of fun


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