I’ve always loved animals. I grew up with various pets. Isaiah has been taking after me in that area and also adores animals. He calls all our pets “his” and spends as much time with them as they allow. It totally makes his day when one of them settles in his lap or sits on the floor in his room at bedtime.


Me with Annie when I was close to Isaiah's age

We adopted Dusty when Isaiah was only a few months old. They were instant friends and have continued to stick together ever since. Dusty adores Isaiah and tolerates just about everything that Isaiah can do to him.


Isaiah and Dusty


Showing Dusty his bubble solution

Max is a little older, so he puts up with more silliness than Dusty at times. He pretty much lets me do anything, as long as he’s getting attention or a treat. This means that he’s easy to dress up to join in adventures when Isaiah is playing. Once he’s dressed for the game, he happily trots along behind Isaiah, playing along.



Max and Dusty

Furry Photobomb

Thomas is my cat. He’s 16 years old and has already been through one childhood, so he’s very patient. He sleeps on the foot of Isaiah’s bed at night and crawls into his lap when he’s sad or tired.


Isaiah was tired, so Thomas was keeping him company


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