My Birthday

Isaiah and I spent my birthday hanging out together and having fun. Since the weather was nice, we were able to spend a good bit of it playing outside.

Fun Stuff


Isaiah wanted to blow bubbles, so we brought those out, then discovered that the wind had picked up and it was almost impossible to do it. He got over it pretty quickly and he brought out a stuffed dog to play with.

Fun Stuff


I put Isaiah in the tree I used to climb for a picture. He thought it was wonderful, so when I pulled him back out, he promptly climbed back up. He narrated every step along the way, telling himself what he needed to do to get into the tree. Once he got up there, he was pretty proud of himself and waved at me for pictures.

Fun Stuff

Talking about being in the tree

Fun Stuff

In the tree

We headed off to look for sticks for his dog and I found a boxelder bug to take a picture of. Isaiah insisted that I needed to take “lots” of pictures, so while I was doing that, he sat down by some sticks with his dog. He gave it a stick to “chew” on, then pulled it away. He told it that he couldn’t believe he’d forgotten to bring the dog’s coat outside and that it felt really hot. He said it needed its temperature taken to see if it was sick, then declared that the problem was that the dog was allergic to the stick it was chewing on. He found it a stick that it wasn’t allergic to and life was good. They went off on a hunt for honey, which kept Isaiah busy until it was time for supper.

Fun Stuff

Isaiah and his puppy

After supper, we had some ice cream cake that my mom made. Isaiah helped her decorate it this morning and was excited to get to show it to me. He’s decided that he wants ice cream cake for his birthday, too, from now on.

Birthday Cake

Isaiah's work of art

After supper, we took Max for a walk at the track. My mom and Max made their way around the track several times. Isaiah and I only got about one and a half laps because we got stuck at one end playing in the biggest puddle Isaiah had ever seen. I took a couple of pictures of him standing at the edge with a clear reflection, then let him play in it until he was soaked. He ran through it, jumped and splashed. He had a wonderful time!

Fun Stuff

Jumping like a bunny

Fun Stuff


Video clips from our day


One response to “My Birthday

  1. What a fun day. Cowgirl Mama, you should write children’s books; complete with images to go along with your story. This was awesome; I know everyone had an amazing day.

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