Bubbles and Warm Weather

It’s finally nice out. Here’s hoping it sticks around and spring is really here! (Please, please, no snow for my birthday. Please!)

Isaiah and I decided to take advantage of the beautiful weather and spent some time outside with bubbles. He adores bubbles, but he really can’t enjoy them as much indoors without coating the entire house in a slimy film. We collected all the wands, a big jug of solution and a bowl to pour it into and headed outside for fun.


Laughing after a bubble blew back into his face


Silly boy

Isaiah had a blast testing out every single wand. Some were a total bummer and didn’t produce bubbles at all. Others were excellent and gave him lots of bubbles, every time. He was pretty excited to figure out which ones to use.


This one makes big bubbles


This wand came in dead last--not one, single bubble


Baby bubbles


The best way to refill the wand

Things got even more exciting when Isaiah figured out that he could use two wands at the same time to produce twice as many bubbles. That made it so much more fun! He insisted that there needed to be a video of his bubbles to show to the world.


Double the bubbles, double the fun

The very important, must see video


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