Isaiah loves music and has pounded out his own music on the piano as long as he’s been able to reach the keys. I found an app that has a variety of beginning piano lessons for the iPad and he’s been happily working on learning to actually play the music. I really like the app because it starts with very simple, one-note rhythms. It uses correct notation and a metronome from the very beginning, which I really like. The books I used started out with notes that were assigned to keys at the beginning of the song, rather than being the correct notes. The transition to truly reading music was kind of hard after learning that way.


Playing his first song

Isaiah is so proud of himself. He loves that he’s playing “real” music with it and learning to really play the piano. There are a few free lessons, then the app requires a subscription, but Isaiah is still working on the early lessons for now. If he continues to practice, the app will be well worth paying for the subscription to help him learn, since he’s really too young still for traditional lessons.


Applauding when he successfully finished the piece


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