Snow & Sledding

We finally got enough snow to actually play in this week, so Isaiah has taken full advantage of it. He’s been outside shoveling, being pulled in a sled and making snow angels.


Isaiah, with huge snowflakes falling all around

My dad still has his sled from when he was a kid. He brings it out each winter so Isaiah can ride on it. We don’t have any hills, but this sled works really well with someone pulling it. If only we could train Max and Dusty to pull it for us.


Loving the sled

Isaiah has finally gotten the hang of snow angels. He made a few outside, then, was so excited that he came inside and kept repeating the steps on the living room floor, telling us that he was making more snow angels.


Snow angel

According to Isaiah, snowflakes taste “yummy”. He spent quite a while with his tongue out, trying to catch as many as he could, even while he was busy sledding and making snow angels.


Eating snow

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