Warm Day

We had a nice, warm day today. Isaiah made sure to keep nice and busy with all kinds of adventures, indoors and out.

Isaiah’s fun started with an adventure through the wilderness with Max. He pulled out some binoculars (which he calls “goggles”) and a toy hunting knife. With a little help, he had the knife tucked into Max’s collar and raced through the house with his binoculars, looking for things he could cut down with the knife (all pretend). When he found something, he’d jump up and down, wave his hand and yell “Max! Need my knife! Max, come!” Max would trot over and sit patiently while the knife was removed from his collar, used and replaced. I’m not sure who had more fun, between Isaiah’s shrieks of joy and laughter and Max’s tail wagging so hard his whole body shook. I managed to stop the long enough to grab one photo before the game continued.


My adventurers

Next on the list of adventures was a trip to the track for Isaiah to practice riding his bike. He’s been pretty nervous about it, not wanting to ride without someone holding onto him, even with his training wheels. After a while, I convinced him to try it on his own and he discovered that it was actually pretty fun to be in control of the bike. By then, the sun was setting and it was getting cold, so it was time to head for home.


''I doin' it!''

We stopped by to say “hi” to Babe and Trina on our way home. They were both thrilled to see us. Babe was a little miffed that I forgot to bring her any bread, but she survived and was happy to accept the hay that Isaiah scooped off the ground for her. She gave him some kisses and we headed home to get ready for bed.




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