Isaiah is 4!

Isaiah turned four this week. He’s growing up way to fast! He’ll have his party with friends a little later, but we had some fun with family already.


My sweet four year old

Isaiah helped me bake his cake. He was so excited about it and desperately wanted to be a part. I sure wasn’t going to argue, so he had a blast adding ingredients and helping me mix them. He did let me handle the decorating, though.




It's yummy

He opened a couple gifts at home, then we visited his Uncle DJ the next day for a family party. Isaiah was so excited and shrieked with glee as he opened each package. Everything was “just what I wanted!”


Superman shirt with a cape... Something he's been asking for


''A plano!!!!!!''

The most exciting gift of all was a small keyboard that we all went in on together. He’s so excited to have his very own piano to play whenever he wants. He’s been practicing playing a very simple pattern and thinks it’s the coolest thing ever.


Testing out the keyboard, with Lambie in the audience


Snuggled in with Doc and her crew for bed. He was so excited to add Lambie to the collection.


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