Isaiah the Cowboy

Isaiah has started riding Babe. He says it makes him a cowboy and is quite excited about it. His therapists are thrilled that he has access to a good horse to ride because it will help both with physical strength and some of his sensory issues. It does seem to be quite calming for him.

Riding Babe

Bringing the saddle

Babe is one of the horses that my friend rescued a couple of years ago. Last summer, she was finally healthy enough to start riding, so I rode her a bit then. Now that she’s entirely healthy and strong, she’s proving to have a lot of spunk, but her previous therapy training is really showing, too. She’s amazing with little kids and very calm.

Riding Babe

So happy to be riding

When Isaiah rides, he has his own saddle, though it still doesn’t have short enough stirrups for him. He doesn’t get to use a bridle because he would tug on the reins all the time, so I just put a halter and leadrope on Babe for his rides. She happily walks along with him for as long as he wants to ride. He wears his helmet whenever he rides. The chances of him falling are very slim, but I believe it’s better to have him dressed properly and safe, just in case, than to be unprepared and pay for it.

Riding Babe

Happy kid, happy horse

Riding Babe

''I a cowboy!''

After rides, Isaiah pets Babe, offers her grass and sometimes helps with grooming. He doesn’t always get to groom her because some days, he goes home with my mom while I take a turn riding. He loves every step of the process.

Riding Babe

Riding is so fun!

Riding Babe

Leading Babe after his ride


2 responses to “Isaiah the Cowboy

  1. That’s awesome. I would love to get my ds on horseback. You would think this would be a simple affair, since both my mother and I own a horse, but they’re OTTBs (off-track thoroughbreds) and can both be pretty “up.” Add to this the fact that neither of them have really been ridden since before I was pregnant with ds, and, well… yeah. 😛 Thank you for sharing this!

    • Having the right horse really makes a difference. I got lucky. Babe is just perfect for kids because she’s worked with them her whole life. She’s so laid back and calm. We bicker sometimes, but she wouldn’t even consider dumping me.

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