Last Night’s Adventure

We had a bit of an adventure last night. It was a bit more excitement than I had planned for us… I was planning for a quiet evening of cuddling and homework. Oh, well.

Isaiah decided he needed something from the foot of his bed, where he keeps his favorite stuffed animals, and headed over to get them. He misjudged something and managed to roll off the bed. He landed hard in his ear and shoulder and caught his face on the bed frame. It was bleeding badly enough that none of us could tell how bad it was, so we decided it would be best to bring him to the ER and see if it needed stitches. Poor Isaiah was more concerned about going to the hospital than he was about his head. That, and the fact there was blood on his hand from rubbing his face.


Waiting at the hospital, trying to smile for the camera

By the time we got to the hospital, the bleeding had slowed, but the wound still looked pretty nasty. We were checked in and the nurse came in to check it out. She cleaned him up and said he probably would need a stitch or two. A 4-H friend was in one of the rooms next door and heard Isaiah asking about a sucker. She came over and brought him a push-pop, much to his delight.


Cleaned up and looking better

After a bit more waiting, the doctor came in to look at him. He told me that we had the option of a stitch or glue. He said he was pretty sure glue would be plenty to hold it and way less traumatic for Isaiah, so that’s what he did.


Through all of our adventure, Isaiah was so calm. He was clearly afraid and hurting, but did all he could to listen and follow directions. By the time we got to the hospital, he had stopped screaming. He didn’t really cry at all, once we were there. He whimpered when things hurt and cried a little when he thought it was time to go, but we still had to wait for paperwork. Since then, the only mention of his wound has been him commenting on his Cars bandaid a couple times.


Everyone who worked with Isaiah thought he was adorable and so brave, so he managed to collect quite a few sympathy suckers


At home with a Cars bandaid


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