My Little Carpenter

I rotated toys today. I put the play sets that Isaiah had in the living room back in his playroom downstairs and brought up his tool bench. He plays downstairs a lot, but it’s still super exciting to get to have things in the living room where everyone can sit and play with him.


Waiting for a surprise

I sent Isaiah off to sit on his bed while I brought the bench up. He was perfectly happy to do so, since I’d promised a surprise when I was done. After the tool bench and all the tools were out, I went to get him. He covered his eyes and I led him out to see it.




Someone really loves his power tools!

Once he saw what was in the living room, he was ready to play. He showed my dad how his new tools work (my grandmother got him a couple new toolsets) and set to work building a skyscraper. He showed me exactly how big it was going to be, explaining that it wouldn’t be “tall, tall, just a little one, on the floor”.


Setting to work on his skyscraper

Happily building his skyscraper


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