Jack the T-Rex?

For the last couple weeks, Isaiah has been fighting sleeping in his bed. This is a child who will do anything for stickers. The last few nights, after being reminded that he’d only get to pick a sticker in the morning if he slept in his bed, he’d tearfully look at me and say “Me no want sticker. Me scared. Sleep Mama bed.” He keeps insisting that a T-Rex is trying to get him when he sleeps in his bed and he needs to be with me so I can keep him safe. No amount of promises that there was no T-Rex would change his mind. None of us could even figure out where the idea of a T-Rex coming to get him came from. Until last night…

Isaiah was having a particularly hard time settling last night, so he was still fully awake when DJ started getting ready for bed. As happens every night, his cat, Jack, spent that time scratching at my door, trying to get into my room. There was a brief period, about the time DJ got Jack that we had switched rooms, so Jack still thinks that my room is his. Every night, he begs DJ to let him in and, every night, DJ ignores the request, knowing he’d just have to come and drag him out a few minutes later for waking Isaiah. Last night, true to form, Jack started digging at my door, throwing his weight against it and scratching some more. Isaiah sat straight up in bed, yelled “the T-Rex coming a get me!!!!!” and grabbed onto me with all his strength. Mystery solved. Jack is the T-Rex.


The terrifying T-Rex--One, slightly chubby, shy, sweet tabby cat


3 responses to “Jack the T-Rex?

  1. poor little guy, i’m glad that the t-rex had a reasonable explaination for your sweet little one. Did he feel better after you explained it or did he have a hard time believing you?

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