SMOs for Isaiah

At Isaiah’s three year check up, I had the doctor look at his feet because they didn’t look right to me. He sent us to a physical therapist because Isaiah’s feet were affecting the way he walks and runs, which concerned his doctor. The physical therapist then sent us to an orthopedist to be fitted for SMOs. It was quite the little adventure.

The orthopedist determined that Isaiah has over pronation, meaning his ankles are curved, so that he walks on the insides of his feet. It is related to his previous diagnosis of hypertonia because hypertonia causes muscle weakness. When the muscles in the ankles are weak, it curves inward. For now, it just affects his balance, but if it’s left alone, it can cause chronic pain in several places and permanent damage to his legs. He fitted Isaiah for the SMOs, then we had to wait.

Sure Steps SMOs

Isaiah's Mickey Mouse SMOs

We got a call a few days ago that the SMOs were ready, so we set up an appointment to pick them up today. Isaiah was pretty excited about it because Azalea has SMOs, too, and the orthopedist had said he could get a Mickey Mouse print on them. He could hardly wait to get to the appointment!

Sure Steps SMOs

A close-up of the SMOs with shoes

We went to the appointment and got the SMOs. The orthopedist made sure everything fit just right and showed me how to put them on him properly. For the first few days, Isaiah is only supposed to wear them for a few hours so he can get used to wearing them over time. He wasn’t so sure he wanted to take them off when it was time. He’d forgotten they were there, until I went to take them off. Then it was a horrible crime to take his new treasures away.

Sure Steps SMOs

Stopping to admire the Mickey Mouse print before we put on his shoes

Sure Steps SMOs

Modeling the SMOs and very proud

Isaiah had an OT and PT appointment after he got the SMOs. The PT worked with him to see how he was doing with the SMOs and had him work on some jumping and obstacle courses. Both therapists said he did a wonderful job, though wearing the SMOs slowed him down a little because it shifted his balance.

Sure Steps SMOs

You can't even tell he's wearing them when he's fully dressed

After the therapy appointments, we stopped by to visit Azalea and her family for a little while. Isaiah was so excited to show them the SMOs. He wanted everyone to know that he had the same thing as Azalea. When we walked in the door, he promptly plopped down on the floor and took his shoes off so everyone could see. I’m glad he’s so excited about them.


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