Discussing Plans for Friday

Me: Your new braces are ready.
Isaiah: Like Azalea’s????? With MICKEY?!?
Me: Yes, just like Azalea’s.
Isaiah: YAYAYAY!!! *jumping*
Me: What else do we do on Fridays?
Isaiah: See my Steppy!! (his occupational therapist)
Me: Yes! We get to see someone else while we’re in town, too. Can you guess who?
Isaiah: Umm….  Mine Azalea?!
Me: Yes, we’re going to visit Azalea’s family.
Isaiah: And Great Gram? Please?
Me: Yes, we always see Great Gram on Fridays.
Isaiah: YAYAYAY! Tell Gram? *races down the stairs to talk to my mom* Gram! GRAM!!!!!
My mom: What?!
Isaiah: *jumping excitedly* I see… I see… Mine, Azalea! And Steppy! And… And… And Great Gram! I get my Mickey Mouse like mine Azalea!!!!

I’m not sure which part of our day he’s most excited about. He can’t wait for any of it. I think Fridays are his favorite day of the week. I’ll post pictures of the braces and more information after he gets them this Friday. For now, he’s just very excited to be getting them because Azalea has them, too, and anything she has is awesome.


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