Lion Cubs

Our zoo has some lion cubs, born December 29. They were out on display with their mama and auntie almost immediately. There are two males and three females. One female was quite a bit smaller and staff were concerned about her chances of survival, so she was raised by hand for the first two weeks. In pictures, you can see where her shoulder was shaved for an IV. All the cubs are doing well now and the little one has been happily reunited with her siblings and mama. These are the first lion cubs in our zoo since I was about Isaiah’s age.

Isaiah and I have gone to visit them the last two weeks. He had never seen a lion cub before, so when he found out there were babies, he couldn’t wait to get to the zoo and see them! Unfortunately, during our first visit, Mama had the cubs in the very back of the enclosure, so they were hard for Isaiah to spot.

Lion Cubs


Lion Cubs

Don't mess with my babies!

On our second visit, the cubs were just finishing nursing before settling in for a nap. We got to watch Mama and Auntie giving them baths and helping them go to sleep. Three of the cubs piled together in some straw and went straight to sleep, while the other two goofed off for quite a while, first. The adults gave the rowdy two baths, then Auntie nursed them to sleep while Mama got to bathe herself and rest.

Lion Cubs

''But, Mama! I wasn't done nursing!''
''You really need a bath...''
*sigh* ''Okay, how about we do both?''
''Num, num, num...''

Lion Cubs

Nursing with Auntie

Lion Cubs

Settling in to cuddle and nap

We’ll have to go back and visit the cubs again soon. I’m enjoying watching them grow up. It’s the season for babies at our zoo right now. By the time we get there next time, there will likely be a Klifspringer baby, too!

More pictures.


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