Our Christmas celebrations started on Christmas Eve and went on through Christmas day. We still have a big family celebration coming up on New Years, too. The never ending holiday? At least it’s fun!

Christmas Eve

DJ gave Isaiah his gifts on Christmas Eve so he’d have some time to enjoy them before even more gifts were put in front of him. Besides that, what fun is it to give a Santa toy when the holiday is essentially over? DJ decided to get the Little People “Night Before Christmas” set for Isaiah because he would cheer and tell us about Santa every time we passed it in the store. Needless to say, Isaiah was beyond thrilled to open it. He even slept with Santa and one of the reindeer that night.

Christmas Eve

Santa's sleigh flying through the house

DJ also found a really cool Toy Story 3 play set for Isaiah. It has a few characters and the set from the garbage dump to play with. Isaiah loves the claw that can pick things up and drop them somewhere else. Once he figured out how to use it, he was set.

Christmas Eve

Enjoying the Toy Story set

I decided to let Isaiah open one gift from me on Christmas Eve, too. I had gotten him some Thomas the Tank slippers and thought he’d like to wear them the next morning. I was right. He wanted to sleep in them, too.

Christmas Eve

Very proud of his slippers

Before we headed for bed, Isaiah and I read the Christmas story together. Thomas ended up joining us because my lap is warm, but he wasn’t a fan of sharing with Isaiah and the book. Isaiah was happy to read the story and talk about baby Jesus. He was so excited about it being Jesus’ birthday the next day. I love watching his excitement over Jesus.

Christmas Day

Reading together

When we got to bedtime, Isaiah insisted he needed to watch for Santa. Now, we’ve made it very clear, repeatedly, that Santa is a game. No one has made any effort to hide the Santa antics at our house. I mean, Isaiah stuffed my mom’s stocking with me. He knows. But he wanted to see Santa, anyway. It took a while to convince him that he wouldn’t be able to wait up to see Santa. (Thank you NORAD for informing him that Santa was still in Ohio an hour passed bedtime!)

Christmas Morning

On Christmas morning, Isaiah was the last to wake up. He was finally stirring (with help) and ready to dig into his stocking a little after nine. He came out of the bedroom hoping to find his elf in who knows what kind of mischief and found presents instead. It didn’t take long for him to start tearing into the stocking and finding all sorts of treasures. We had to take lots of breaks to try out the toys he found inside.

Christmas Day

A cool car-shaped chewy toy--tastes yummy!

Once the stocking was empty, Isaiah assumed gifts were done and settled in to play with what he’d already opened. We got some breakfast in him and my mom made coffee for the adults who wanted it, while he was happily entertained. Somehow, even though he was sitting right beside his other presents, he had no idea they were there!

Christmas Day

Back to the Toy Story play set

When Isaiah suddenly noticed the other presents, his face lit up and he wanted to know if he could open those, too. Soon, he was tearing into presents. After he opened the first, DJ picked it up to start pulling it out of the packaging. Isaiah was thrilled because by the time he’d opened the second gift, the first was ready to play with. We took lots of breaks to play with gifts before opening others.

Christmas Day

Testing toys

One of the toys Isaiah got was a cash register. He loves shopping, cooking and caring for his pets and babies, so I thought he’d enjoy it. He was so excited about it and wanted to use it immediately! Every gift he opened after the cash register had to be scanned and paid for before it could be opened. When he was asked how much the gifts cost, he’d announce “ten dollar!” Thankfully, some of them where nowhere near that much, considering them were things like stickers.

Christmas Day

Scanning gifts

We had a very busy, fun-filled day. All the time and effort that went into getting everything ready was well worth it and Isaiah had a blast. He wants to play with everything and loves the new toys. Most have made their way to his play room, but he’s free to bring them to the living room any time.

Christmas Day

He really loved all the cool dress-up accessories

My mom took Isaiah to Claires (at my suggestion) to pick my gift. I figured he’d find a set of earrings for a decent price there and he’d have fun picking a cool design. He had other plans. He did buy me some horse earrings, but he also found a hot pink headband with eyes on it. He insisted that I needed it more than anything else in the entire store. He likes wearing it, too.

For more Christmas pictures, check out my Flickr album.


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