Getting Ready for Christmas

We finally had everyone home at the same time last night, so we started pulling out Christmas decorations. Our tree is broken, so we had to get a new one today. Isaiah couldn’t wait to start decorating! As soon as he found out we were going to do it, that was all he could think about.

Christmas Decorating

A baby tree!

I started Isaiah decorating in his room. I gave him a little tree that used to go in my room and some Nativity ornaments. He was so excited to find the baby Jesus! I helped him spread a tree skirt around the tree for him to put a few small decorations on. He carefully arranged the ornaments on his tree, all in one big clump, then put an angel on top. Next, I pulled out the Nativity set my grandparents gave me as a kid. He loved looking at each of the little figurines and figuring out who they were. He carefully arranged them, then sat down to just look at them for a while.

Christmas Decorating

A tiny angel for Isaiah's tree

Christmas Decorating

Decorating the tree

Christmas Decorating

''Baby Jesus!!!''

Christmas Decorating

Carefully placing baby Jesus under his tree

Christmas Decorating

Isaiah's decorations

We brought Isaiah’s little people Nativity to the living room, where he helped me arrange it across the coffee table. There were some barn animals missing (we don’t have the shepherd set yet), so he dug around in his toy animals to find sheep, pigs and a chicken for the stable. Once everything was carefully arranged, Isaiah stood back to look, then started playing with them.

Christmas Decorating

Little People Nativity

We unpacked a bunch of the decorations and Isaiah helped place them around the room. My mom found a Santa towel holder that one of her students made when she was teaching. She handed it to Isaiah and told him she needed help to hang it. He wanted to play with it instead! He hung it in the bathroom and my mom added a bright red towel.

Christmas Decorating


Christmas Decorating

Hanging in the bathroom

This morning, Isaiah went with my mom in search of a new tree. They found a really nice one that we set up when they got home. Isaiah sat semi-patiently on the couch to watch because he really can’t help much with arranging branches. When I got out the lights, though, he wanted to be actively helping. He followed me around the tree with another string of lights, ready to go. When I finished one string, he’d hand me the next, then go tell my mom he needed more. When the lights were on, I plugged them in. Isaiah’s jaw dropped and he grinned at me, “wooooooow!”


So excited!




Loving the tree


Such a pretty boy

We still have to get ornaments on the tree, but we want to do it when DJ is home, too, so we’re enjoying our tree with just lights for now. I think it’s pretty with just lights, personally.


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