The Zoo and Random Fun

We went to the zoo this week. Isaiah was very excited and opted to go to the jungle to “see the monkeys” this visit. He hasn’t been to the jungle since he was tiny, so it was a new experience for him.

The Zoo

Posing on the lions with Mama

The Zoo

And with Gram

When we first walked into the jungle, we were greeted by a very loud gibbon. He made all kinds of awful noise and made Isaiah a little nervous. Then we spotted a mom with babies nearby and Isaiah was pretty thoroughly taken with them. That made it easier to stick around and see the animals. We talked to a zoo keeper a little later who said the babies we saw are twins and about a year old. Isaiah was especially excited when one settled in to nurse.

The Zoo

The very loud gibbon

The Zoo

Nursing baby

We spotted some more baby monkeys further into the jungle, along with a hippo. I’m not sure which Isaiah liked more. He was pretty thrilled about both. The mama monkey wasn’t sitting still because another monkey was trying to mess with her baby, which made it harder to keep track of the baby.

The Zoo


The Zoo

Mama and baby

In the next area, we found macaws. Isaiah pulled out his zoo map and used it as a camera to take pictures because the macaws were pretty. There were giant fish in the water below, too. Isaiah wanted to get closer, but there really isn’t a way to. Then, while I was trying to take a picture, a big bird flew right over my head. Isaiah thought it was so funny! We chased it down and took a few pictures of it before moving on to the next.

The Zoo

Bright colored scarlet macaws

The Zoo

The giant bird

After a busy morning at the zoo, we spent some time visiting my grandmother. Isaiah loves going to visit his Great Gram and couldn’t wait to get there. When we got to her house, he brought her to the couch and settled in with the book app on my iPad to read with her. They had lots of fun together. Isaiah certainly didn’t want to leave when it was time to go home. He begged to stay, but suddenly realized that staying meant being there without me and decided he should come home.

Great Gram's House

Reading an animal book to Great Gram (the only words are animal names, so he can actually ''read'' the whole thing)

Great Gram's House

Demonstrating his favorite chewy while reading


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