I’m Thankful

I’m thankful for so many things in my life, all the time. There’s no way I could list them all and, quite honestly, I don’t want to bore you with a list. I do, however, want to take some time to say “thank you” to some people who have been by my side through thick and thin. Some, for my entire life, some more recently.

Thank You!!
This year, I’m going to be limited to some degree and focus on those of you who’ve had a big impact on my parenting journey.

My Mom. She’s been here all along. She’s always believed in me. She taught me how to swaddle before I could even say the word properly and I never forgot. First, she modeled parenting with DJ and me, as well as showing me how to care for my dolls. Then, she’s been here, always, when I needed help through pregnancy and to now, as Isaiah is nearly three. She’s my babysitter. She’s a place to bounce ideas. She’s there to give me a break when I so desperately need it.

My Aunt. Isaiah and I had some big struggles with learning to breastfeed. Several months of pain and tears (both Isaiah and me). When a question came up that my mom couldn’t answer, my aunt was there to give ideas, too. Between the two of them, I had six kids worth of knowledge to draw on!

PB I didn’t meet PB or her family until I was about 8, but since then, she’s been very much like a second mom for me. Yes, I’m spoiled. I get not one, but two awesome moms! She was my youth pastor when I was younger. She’s been a friend. She prays for me and Isaiah. She checks in on us periodically. She “likes” pictures and posts on Facebook and tells me what a cute kid Isaiah is and that I’m a good mom. She makes me feel special.

My Friends. I have so many friends who’ve helped me along the way. Some may not even realize it. My best friend, KT has been awesome, offering hugs, laughs or a listening ear when I need it. Cali is there when I need a break and happy to go riding with me. I’m not sure what I’d do without friends.

My Online Community. Some of you, I only know through online contact, but you’ve been a huge support system to me. Whether it was in offering hugs or suggestions when I post something, saying Isaiah is cute or even asking questions that others answered and helped me as well as you. I’ve gained a lot of knowledge from you, as well as friendship.

Isaiah’s OT After all this time, desperately trying to find someone to listen to me and get the help Isaiah needs, finally, someone is listening. Even when she doesn’t have an immediate answer, she’s ready and willing to seek one out. She’s understanding and wants to help Isaiah as much as I do. Plus, he adores her.

**If I didn’t mention you specifically, it’s not because I don’t like you or I’m not grateful for you in my life. I just have way too many people to thank! I love you all. Thank you so much for being a part of my life.

One response to “I’m Thankful

  1. Beautiful post. It is so nice to reflect about the people around us who offer encouragement and support. Glad you have had people surrounding you and walking alongside you on your parenting journey!

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