When I was little, I had a doll. She went everywhere with me and I took good (for a toddler) care of her. I rocked her to sleep, nursed her, burped her, learned how to swaddle her… I named her Kathy, after my favorite character on Barney. I had other dolls, too. Like Michael and Luci and Tina. Yup. I liked Barney. A lot.

Playing with Kathy

Hugs for Kathy

A while ago, I was going through boxes looking for something and came across my doll. I pulled her out and did what I could to clean her up and she’s been sitting in my room ever since. At some point, Isaiah spotted her and I told him he could play with her for a while if he was gentle. He latched onto her and has been taking her everywhere with him ever since.

Playing with Kathy

Posing with Kathy

Playing with Kathy

Taking Kathy shopping in my old cart

Out of concern for my elderly doll, I ordered a similar doll off eBay for Isaiah. He named his new doll “my Kathy” and now calls my doll “Mama’s Kathy”. My doll is getting a bit of a rest, though he still plays with her some. He adores his own doll and has been trying to learn “Me and My Teddy” to sing with her.

"My Kathy"

Isaiah's new doll

The Two Kathys

The two dolls together


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