The Many Faces of Max

Max is quite the dog. He has a huge vocabulary of sounds, each with unique meanings. In the morning, we hear the corgi howl, as he gets his breakfast. He uses this as a greeting at other times, too. When he’s asking for something, he has a sharp bark. When he’s unhappy about something, he grumbles and moans. The list goes on…

Max’s face is just as expressive as his voice. He has a look for everything! Here are just a few of his expressions, captured in less than ten minutes. (Yes, he changes mood that fast some days!)

Up Close

Up close and personal--Just how Max likes it


Deep in thought--About food?

If I Don't See...

If I don't see, it isn't happening (DJ was leaving for work)


Sad and disappointed


Pretty please with a doggie treat and peanut butter on top?

I Love You

I wuv you!!


This look serves for both ''Pweeeeezz!'' and ''I'm sorry''


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