Trunk Or Treat

My church did a trunk or treat event that I took Isaiah to for Halloween. We were going to walk around town and do regular trick or treating, but there aren’t usually many people handing stuff out here, so he had a better chance of getting candy at the church event.

Trunk or Treat

Trunk or Treat!

Since trains are the most important thing in Isaiah’s world this week, he dressed up as a train conductor. He was pretty excited about his costume and was thrilled when people commented. I dressed up, too, but only one person seemed to know who I was. Oh, well.

Trunk or Treat

Little conductor

Trunk or Treat

An odd combination... Bones and Mr. Conductor

Trunk or Treat

Collecting treasure

Isaiah came home with tons of candy. More than enough to last him quite a while. Instead of allowing a two year old to pig out on candy indefinitely, it was divided between the entire family, making sure to leave plenty for Isaiah to enjoy.

Trunk or Treat

Having a blast!


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