Climbing Wall at the Park

After church, my mom and I took Isaiah to play at the park because it was a nice, sunny afternoon. He immediately spotted the climbing wall on the playground equipment and wanted to try it. He’s not really even tall enough to reach the first row of “rocks”, but that wasn’t going to stop this determined little boy. The first few times, I had to help him find the rocks with his feet and stay close behind him so he wouldn’t fall backwards. Soon enough, though, he was climbing it completely on his own, over and over. Up the wall, down the steps or slide. He was so proud of himself!






The view from the top


This is fun!


Almost there...

While we were at the park, we spotted a couple of ducks on the lake. Isaiah decided he wanted to investigate, so we walked over to the edge of the water. The ducks came pretty close to us. They probably thought we had something to feed them. Oops. We’ll bring something next time for them. Isaiah thought they were pretty cool and would have gone right out into the water with them if he’d been given the option. We went out on one of the docks and spotted a fish, much to Isaiah’s delight. His excited movement scared the fish and it disappeared, so he spent several minutes looking for his fish.


Bringing Gram to the ducks


Watching the ducks

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