An Imaginary Friend for Isaiah

Isaiah has been talking about a lion in his room for months. It started out with him being terrified of it and refusing to go wherever the lion supposedly was. He was sure this lion was out to get him and he needed to hide.

A couple of days ago, Isaiah woke up with my mom’s (way too early) alarm and slipped out to see her. He then refused to go down the hallway at all, saying there was a scary lion there. My mom managed to convince him that the lion just wanted to play and sent him with some imaginary meat to offer to the lion. A few minutes later, he returned with two trucks, one for him and one for the lion. Since then, Isaiah can’t do anything without his lion.


There really is a lion!

Yesterday, the lion went shopping. My mom and Isaiah were supposed to drop me off for class, then shop for a while before picking me back up to head home. It took forever to get to the van because Isaiah had to find his lion and wait for it to go outside. He made sure the lion got into the van before he would climb in himself. My mom says this continued the whole day. He had to buckle his lion into the seat next to him when they got in, then unbuckle it and open the door when they got out. The lion wandered through stores with them, sat under the table at McDonald’s, and took a nap in the car when he was (accidentally) forgotten while they went into WalMart.



Last night, I downloaded an iPhone app that has an adorable lion to play with. Isaiah thought it was wonderful. He petted the lion cub and played games with it. Then I found a place to take pictures where you can choose any background, including pictures from your phone. Isaiah posed for pictures with his lion. So now he has proof. He really does have a pet lion!


Finally caught on camera!


Best buds


Kisses from the lion


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