First Occupational Therapy Appointment

Isaiah started his occupational therapy today. He was shy and nervous, but mostly happy to try the activities the therapist asked him to do. Right now, they’re working on some sensory integration and fine motor skills. Isaiah seems to think it’s pretty fun.


In the waiting room

Isaiah wasn’t entirely sure what he thought of playing with shaving cream. It bothered him enough that he was constantly asking to wipe his hands. After a while, he decided he could smear it on the table, but still didn’t want it on his hands for more than a few seconds.


Playing in shaving cream


Not a big fan... Wiping it off his fingers

Isaiah did like the “flarp“. It’s similar to the silly putty that he begs to play with, so it was a somewhat familiar toy. He would have played with it all day if that had been an option.




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