Awesome Train Museum

When we went to the nature center, we accidentally discovered a train museum nearby. We didn’t have time to visit that day, so we decided to go up today. It was a ton of fun!

Train Museum

So excited!

We had no idea what to expect when we got to the train museum, so we didn’t really plan to be there long. As it turns out, there’s quite a bit more to the museum than we thought! It’s pretty kid-friendly, too. We were greeted at the door by a couple of workers. They spotted Isaiah from a mile away and were thrilled to have a little person to show around. While my mom talked to one of them and signed the little guest book, Isaiah and I were ushered through a door to a large building with an old steam engine. The woman pointed out the steps and told me to bring Isaiah in and have him pull the rope to ring the engine’s bell. We decided to wait for my mom to catch up before doing anything that exciting and, instead, carefully examined the outside of the train. Isaiah thought it was pretty cool that the wheels were taller than me.

Train Museum

Standing by the steam engine's wheel

The man who got us signed into their book came out with my mom and offered to give us a tour. He climbed up into the engine with us and helped Isaiah ring the bell, much to Isaiah’s delight. After ringing the bell, Isaiah tried out all the various moving parts on the engine before reluctantly moving on.

Train Museum


Train Museum

This is so fun!

Our guide took us back outside to where he had a cart parked. We climbed on and he drove us around the area, showing us various trains and telling us about the museum’s history. At the far end of the lot, there’s a little house, where we stopped. Inside is an elaborate model train display. When we walked through the door, Isaiah shrieked with delight. So many trains! He was too short to see from the ground, so my mom picked him up, while I took pictures of him and the trains. Our tour guide told us about the display and the plans they have for it in the future. He said that a group of model train enthusiasts meets on Saturdays and works on the display. There’s a nice work area tucked behind the display for building new pieces and storing the trains that aren’t currently running on the tracks.

Train Museum

A first glimpse of the model trains

Train Museum

Model trains

Train Museum

So amazed by the trains!

Train Museum

Posing with our tour guide

After spending a long time with the model trains, we headed back to the main building. Our guide said that there were train tables in the gift shop for little guests. When we got there, Isaiah was thrilled to discover that one of the tables was equipped with several characters from Thomas and Friends. He raced to the table and started arranging trains where he wanted them. For a while, he was driving two trains at the same time, in opposite directions. That ended abruptly when his arms got tangled.

Train Museum

Driving two trains

When Isaiah finally tired of the train tables, we went back out to where the steam engine was. Isaiah raced over, saying he wanted to ring the bell again. His arms are too short to reach the rope for the bell, even standing on the seat, so I sat down and put him in my lap. We rang the bell a few times and I convinced him to call “all aboard!” before he moved on to playing with the levers again. After a while longer, I broke the news to him that we really needed to go home. He was sad to have to leave, but the promise that we’d return made it a little easier.

Train Museum

''All aboard!!!''

Train Museum

Driving the train

Train Museum

Looking so relaxed as he drives

When we got home, I put together some of the video clips of Isaiah driving the train, much to his delight. Here’s the final product:


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