Happy Birthday to My Mom

Ok, so this is actually a day late, but I decided to wait on the post until we actually celebrated my mom’s birthday. My dad was out of town for work until today, so it seemed logical to wait for him to get home to actually have cake and such. He did, however, make sure to leave her a gift.

I promised Isaiah that he could help me bake the cake for my mom. He was so excited! I went to class in the morning, then came straight home so we could have the cake in the oven while he took his nap. Isaiah has helped make boxed cakes before, so he knew exactly what to do. He opened the box completely on his own, then cut open the bag inside as soon as I handed him a pair of kiddie scissors. He had the mix dumped into the bowl before I even had a chance to speak. Good thing he actually got it into the bowl!

I pulled out the oil and eggs and measured out ingredients. Isaiah happily poured the measured water and oil into the bowl, saying over and over that he was “helping Mama”. When we got to the eggs, I let him break them with hand-over-hand assistance. He was so proud of himself! He managed to completely crush the shell on one, but didn’t actually drop any pieces into the measuring cup we were breaking the eggs into.

Once everything was mixed, Isaiah watched carefully while I poured the batter into heart shaped pans (carefully selected by Isaiah, of course). He really wanted to pour the batter, but the glass bowl was just too heavy for his little hands. Instead, he gave me lots of directions to make sure I did it just right.

After the cake was baked and cooled, Isaiah got to help me ice it. I put the base layer on as smoothly as I could, explaining to Isaiah what I was doing and answering questions. The next step was decorating. My mom’s favorite color is green, so I told Isaiah that we should use some green icing. He agreed. We have two decorating tools, so I told Isaiah he could pick any color he wanted to go in the second tool. He chose blue. I put different shaped tips on each and showed him how to use them. He needed some help to squeeze the tools, but did most of the decorating himself. He applied the icing “snakes” quite liberally! Then, of course, he added sprinkles, some blue, some heart shaped.

Gram's Birthday Cake

Helping Isaiah with the icing

Gram's Birthday Cake

''Me do it!''

Gram's Birthday Cake

Lots of sprinkles!

When the cake was decorated, Isaiah sang “happy day” to my mom a few times. At one point, he even told her that she had to sing with him! Then he wanted to eat it. But DJ wasn’t home from work yet, so we covered the cake and set it aside for later when everyone could enjoy it.

Gram's Birthday Cake

The cake: The only thing I did was write ''Gram'' on it

Gram's Birthday Cake

Such a work of art!

My dad found some candles that reignite when you blow them out and put them on the cake. We all sang “Happy Birthday” to my mom and she blew the candles out… Then she blew them out again… And again… After three times, my dad put out all but one of the candles in a glass of water. He brought the last one to Isaiah to see if he could put it out. Isaiah blew it out and it reignited immediately, much to Isaiah’s amazement. He tried a couple more times, then my dad put it out because it was burned down almost to his fingers.

Gram's Birthday Cake

The birthday girl and the cake's creator

Gram's Birthday Cake

Candles on the cake

Gram's Birthday Cake

Just after blowing out the candle

Gram's Birthday Cake

Well, how'd that happen?

We had such a fun day, between getting things ready and celebrating my mom’s birthday. I hope she enjoyed it as much as we did! Happy birthday!


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