Nature Center

Since I have Fridays off from classes, my mom and I have been taking Isaiah on little adventures most weeks. Today, we went to a nature center for the day. We’ve gone up there before, but it had been a while and they’d made some big changes!

Nature Center

Giant fish!

I gave Isaiah the option of going inside or on the trail first. He opted for the trail. He loved the bridge that’s not far into the trees and spent quite a while standing at the rail, chattering and posing. Once we decided to keep moving, though, he started to get nervous. He didn’t like not being able to see the way out of the trees. Even though we were halfway through the trail, Isaiah wanted to turn around and go back the way we came. With a little convincing, he was willing to ride on my back until we got out.

Nature Center

Touching bugs

Things went better inside the building. The whole place is set up for kids. There are activities to entertain really little kids and some that can catch the attention of older ones. Isaiah, of course, wanted to try everything, even if it was meant for older kids. He found bugs under covers on a log, played with giant stuffed fish, posed by a picture of life-sized birds of prey and a bunch of other things.

Nature Center

Whose wingspan is closest to Isaiah's?

Nature Center

Showing off the bugs

Isaiah’s favorite thing in the building was a badger cave, big enough to go inside of. He crawled in and discovered a video feed. The feed is attached to a badger that sits on top of the mound and can be turned and controlled from inside. The badger is a part of an elaborate prairie scene, so looking through the camera gives you a badger’s eye view of a prairie. I went outside of the cave and waved at Isaiah. He thought it was wonderful!

Nature Center

Stamping footprints

Nature Center

Touching a fox fur

We wandered around the building and went back and forth between activities for quite a while. Isaiah was having so much fun and didn’t want to ever leave. It didn’t matter how many times he went around the room, he was always finding more things to look at. He really liked the beehive that’s built into the side of the building. It has a door so that kids can look into the hive and see the bees making honey. Isaiah was amazed!

Nature Center

Posing by Seaman from the Lewis and Clark Expedition

When it was time to go home, I let Isaiah pick a stuffed bird to buy. He looked at all of them, then selected a bald eagle. He’s hardly put it down since!


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