Little Photographer

Isaiah has always loved cameras. He demands that I take his picture when he’s doing various activities, strikes poses anytime he sees the camera and takes pictures on my phone. I was going through camera gear on Friday and found my old Kodak camera from 2007. It still takes pictures, so I charged some batteries and handed it off to Isaiah to take pictures at Kids Club.


Loving his camera

Ever since I found the camera, Isaiah has been practicing his photography. He begs to go outside to take pictures every day. I’m pretty much fine with him taking pictures and going outside when he wants to, as long as someone is able to go with him.


Taking a picture

Today, Isaiah begged to go outside to take pictures again. He wanted to wander all over town, but it was almost time for supper. He had a minor meltdown because he didn’t understand why he couldn’t go down the street. After a few minutes, he decided he was ok with just taking pictures around the yard and set to “work”.


''But (bug) git on me!

Isaiah knows quite a bit about properly setting up his shots already. If he’s taking pictures of a person or animal, he has no trouble telling exactly how to pose! He hasn’t quite figured out how to zoom and gets frustrated when he’s stuck with all wide angle shots. His hands are almost too small for the camera he’s using. It doesn’t slow him down much, though!


Taking a picture


Bonus: one of Isaiah's shots


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