Just a Few Pictures

Our weekend has been pretty uneventful, but I have some random pictures that I’d like to share, just for fun.

Isaiah has started taking his naps on the couch. That seems to be the easiest place for him to settle lately and none of us wants to fight it, since it at least means he’s sleeping. Some of his sleep positions are pretty adorable, so I’ve been taking pictures most days.


Tired boy

I have a bunch of horse encyclopedias, as well as one each of dogs and cats, that Isaiah has been admiring from a distance for a while now. I decided to pull one down for him to look at while I was working on scanning pictures today. He was so excited about the big pictures of horses! Every page brought cheers and excited commentary on the contents.


Mama! A-Os! See? A-Os! (for those wondering, ''A-Os'' are Isaiah's name for letters)


Awww! Horsies!

My mom and I took Isaiah to the rodeo grounds to take some pictures. We didn’t get to stay long because we accidentally found a hornet’s nest and my mom got a nasty sting. We did get a couple really cute shots before giving up and going home to put bentonite clay on the sting, though.


Isaiah and his Gram


My favorite picture from the night--One of the best taken of us in a long time!




Kisses for Mama

Dusty had a minor run-in with a sticky plant outside the other day. By the time he got back to the house, it was wrapped so tightly in his very long hair that we couldn’t cut it out without cutting his ear, too, so we got him in for an emergency visit to his groomer. Since the weed was tangled to the skin, she had to basically shave his ear. Obviously, she didn’t want him to look terrible, so she made them match. I think he’s adorable! I wanted to get a picture right after his trim, but he wouldn’t be still long enough for me to frame the shot. I finally caught him resting on the couch earlier today.


Dusty with his trimmed ears


Dusty and my mom


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